155 Words Or The Shortest (Only?) Krycek/Bill, Jr. fic - Malefescent
Summary: The title says it all.
Spoilers: None.
Classification: H

155 Words 3; OR Wedding Bells and Slash - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: More cliches...but I can quit anytime I want to. Really.
Spoiler: Fire
Classification: SRA, MSR; Maggie/Skinner; Bill, jr./Phoebe Greene; Langly/Byers; Frohike/Mulder's videos


Abel and Cain - Ten
Summary: After Redux II, Dana realises that Bill Scully had a few words with Mulder.
Spoilers: Set post "Redux II", references to previous eps like "Home"
Classification: V, A, UST

Absentee Father - ML
Summary: Bill Scully speaks his mind.
Spoilers: Requiem, Redux II, Emily
Classification: V

After the Future series - Donna (External link)
Summary: When the colonization begins, Mulder and Scully do their best to save the future.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

All I Can Say Is I'm Sorry - Jen Collesel
Summary: Bill Scully, Jr. makes a mistake.
Spoilers: none
Classification: V

Almost Family - Donna
Summary: Who is she going to turn to now?
Spoilers: Post-Requiem
Classification: MSR

Almost Midnight - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: Fox Mulder and Tara Scully team up to solve a mutual problem, and find themselves swept up in an X-File.
Spoilers: Numerous spoilers all the way through Season 6. Sequel to Insurmountable Opportunities and Seven Days in November
Classification: XRA

An Educated Change of Opionion - Sara B.
Summary: Bill Scully gets drunk, and then is arrested for murdering and dismembering a prostitute. Who gets him out of trouble and what does he learn along the way?
Spoilers: Biogenesis Trilogy, Millennium, Je Souhaite
Classification: MSR

Anamorphosis - eponine119
Summary: Assigned to find a horrifying serial murderer, Agent Scully discovers things about herself and her past that she never suspected.
Spoilers: not given
Classification: Scullyangst and child abuse

And Bill Promised to Behave - Viki Goodland
Summary: Mulder goes to the Scully house for Christmas, and there is a little discovery.
Spoilers: none
Classification: none provided

And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Jean Helms
Summary: Mulder and Scully, off the X Files for now, investigate a possible bioweapons facility. What they find there puts their partnership, their investigative skills, their love and even their sanity to a test neither could ever have imagined.
Spoilers: To be safe, let's say up to but not including Two Fathers/One Son.
Classification: SRA, MSR

Archaea - Mary Ruth Keller
Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate a potentially deadly microscopic life-form recovered from volcanics in Washington State. But when their seemingly straightforward case comes to the attention of the Consortium and an unexpected group of outsiders, they must use all the resources at their disposal to safeguard it from falling into the wrong hands.
Spoilers: Everything from "Syzygy" on back. Fan-fic spoilers: "Sins of the Fathers", "Xibalba", "Twelfth Night", "Time Out of Joint", "Passages in Memory", and "Roman de la Pendrell" (minorly). Prequel to Zurvan
Classification: X - an X-file investigation with the Conspiracy intertwined

As Darker Grows the Night - Leslie Sholly
Summary: Christmas Eve in San Diego, Scully faces brother Bill.
Spoilers: Requiem, Emily, Christmas Carol
Classification: VRA


Background Noise - Anna L. (aka Looka Bloom)
Summary: Even Bill can't steal Christmas...
Spoilers: Cancer-arc, Duane Barry, etc.
Classification: SA, M/S friendship, implied hanky-panky

Bah Humbug - Katilyn Samantha Mulder
Summary: Christmas time. Scully invites Mulder over, and the egg nog boils as Bill and Mulder start talking.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: VH

Banging Your Head Against a Red-Haired Brick Wall - Blair Provence
Summary: Another's candid view of Mulder and Scully, or "An Essay on Why It Sucks To Be The /Other - by Cassidy Neill"
Spoilers: Nothing obvious. You'll have to dig for it.
Classification: RVH Mulder/Other OtherAngst

The Barbecue Series - Susan Proto
Summary: A series of stories, Mulder POV, centering around Scully family barbecues.
Spoilers: Various, but listed for each story.
Classification: Various Angst and MSR
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.

Being Crazy - Branwell
Summary: Two stories overlap. As Mulder helps Scully investigate the kidnapping of her brother Bill's son, they find a historical accounting of a conspiracy and a love story from long ago.
Spoilers: Numerous through season 5
Classification: T, A, UST, MSR, H

Beside Me - Amanda Barnes
Summary: A 9AM obstetrican appointment.
Spoilers: Requiem
Classification: SRA, MSR

Best Friends 6: Blood and Water - TBishop
Summary: Scully's feelings for her partner have been forced out into the open.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: MSR, NC-17

The Best Laid Plans - Girlie_girl7
Summary: Mulder celebrates the Fourth of July with Bill and Charlie's help.
Spoilers: Existence then AU
Classification: M&S

Big Brother - Allison
Summary: A conversation between Bill Jr. and Maggie Scully.
Spoilers: Memento Mori, Gethsemane
Classification: none provided

Big Brother Bill series - Shoshana
Summary: Post-The Truth, Bill receives a message.
Spoilers: The Truth
Classification: VRA
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.

The Bill Scully Files - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: A set of three loosely connected stories in which Bill Scully and Fox Mulder gradually come to terms with each other's existence.
Spoilers: All the way through Season 6
Classification: XRA

Bill Scully Meets the X Cops - Girlie_girl7
Summary: Bill Scully discovers his sister on an episode of Cops.
Spoilers: X Cops
Classification: none provided

Billy Boy - Gaijin Bushido
Summary: What if Bill Scully Jr. was actually human?
Spoilers: none
Classification: SRA, MSR

Bindings - Donna
Summary: Bill's in town.
Spoilers: none
Classification: Relationship

Black and Blue Christmas - Estrellita
Summary: It's Christmas 2001 and we've got an engagement ring; a ladder mishap; three aunts named Mary, Maude, and Martha; Bill Scully being Bill Scully; and a partridge in a pear tree.
Spoilers: none
Classification: SRH

Blood Ties 6: Strange Bedfellows - Dawn
Summary: What happens when the person you despise becomes your only hope for saving someone that you love? Grey McKenzie and Bill Scully are about to find out.
Spoilers: Through Season 6
Classification: XA, AU, MSR
NOTE: The entire Blood Ties series can be found on Dawn's site

Brother - RM
Summary: Scully stops Bill from doing something very foolish.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: none provided

A Brother's Heart - BelinhaZpears
Summary: Bill Scully never liked Fox Mulder.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: MSR

Brother-In-Law - Miranda
Summary: Mulder and Scully make a stop to see Bill, Tara and Matthew.
Spoilers: Post-The Truth
Classification: VHR

By Her Side series - Vickie Moseley
Summary: Bill Scully gets a call from his mother to go to his sister's side. But not for a reason he approves of.
Spoilers: Tons. Mostly up to the movie, so all of seasons 1 - 5.
Clasification: V, MSR (implied) Scully (Bill and Dana) angst, Muldertorture
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.


Caring - Donna
Summary: When Scully joins her mother to observe Melissa's birthday, she's not ready for Bill to be there too.
Spoilers: none
Classification: Relationship

Chimes - Jori
Summary: Bill's in town over the holidays.
Spoilers: none
Classification: SR, MSR, NC-17

Chip Off the Old Block IV: Duplicity - mimic117
Summary: Mulder and Scully are finally coming to terms with the truth about William and Charlie. Now they just have to keep Bill Jr. from finding out.
Spoilers: My own universe takes over before Mulder's drummed out of the Bureau.
Classification: XSA
NOTE: The entire Chip Off the Old Block series can be found on mimic's site

Choices - spooksfan08 (External link)
Summary: Everyone has to make choices and Scully is happy with hers.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: none provided

Christmas 2010 - Trycee
Summary: Mulder and Scully host her family at their home in Virginia.
Spoilers: Post-IWTB
Classification: none provided

Christmas Ghosts - Donna
Summary: After the episode.
Spoilers: The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas
Classification: MSR

Christmas in California - Michelle Kiefer
Summary: "Get her to come to San Diego, Mom. Christmas in California is just what Dana needs to cheer her up."
Spoilers: Extremely vague Season 9
Classification: Implied MSR

Christmas Miracles - Donna
Summary: Bill gets a dose of reality.
Spoilers: none
Classification: Relationship

Christmas Revelations - Jumella1
Summary: Scully goes to visit her brother Bill over Christmas and finally gets fed up with his remarks about Mulder.
Spoilers: Mild ones for "Within"
Classification: none provided

Cognition - Indigo Muse
Summary: Musings on Scully's motives.
Spoilers: Before Season 6
Classification: MSR-ish, character death

Columbian Exchange - Taylor
Summary: A meditation on love, sex, family, jealousy, and coffee, not necessarily in that order.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: MSR, angst

Coming to Terms - Kayla Ariev
Summary: Bill sees something he didn't want to.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

Coming Together - K@tie
Summary: After the good news of Scully's remission, her family strives to have the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever and it may mean many revelations for everyone.....including Mulder.
Spoilers: ReduxII
Classification: SRA

Complicated Relations - Donna
Summary: Bill can be surprisngly understanding when he wants to.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

The Conversation by the Carillon - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: This conversation occurs in the middle of my story Seven Days in November ; it is the literary equivalent of an outtake. It could not be included in SDiN for various reasons, all of which remain sound; however, the Blessed Saint Scully appeared to me in a dream and insisted that this story also needed to be told. It does not stand alone very well, but on the other hand, it isn't very long.
Spoilers: Very, very minor spoiler for Momento Mori
Classification: V,A; M/S Friendship

Country of the Crepescule: Do You Like Our Owl? - Dryad
Summary: Meet the kinder, gentler Bill Scully.
Spoilers: Ayuh. 'Three Words'
Classification: Relationship

The Crusade - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: "Kill Mulder and you risk turning one man's religion into a crusade." --The Cigarette Smoking Man, "Ascension"
Spoilers: Lots of 'em, all over the place.
Classification: VA

A Cup of Kindness - Jacquie LaVa
Summary: Bill wants to mend fences but Scully's not having any. Will Mulder have to step in to heal the breach? Can he?
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR, AU


Dana vs. Bill - Livia Balaban
Summary: Scully has made some decisions, including the order in which she'll elucidate, and confronts Brother Bill with all of it.
Spoilers: none
Classification: V, A

Dear Charlie - Love Mom - Abbeydore
Summary: Bill's in town.
Spoilers: From Milagro on.
Classification: MSR, H
NOTE: The link contains the entire Dear Charlie series in one file: Love Mom, Bill's $.02, Dear Dana: Charlie's Response, & Love Dana: Scully Confesses.

Dear Mr. Mulder - Becka F.
Summary: Maybe Bill has changed his mind.
Spoilers: Requiem
Classification: VR

Deliverance From Evil - Jacquie LaVa & Tess
Summary: Mulder and Scully discover the horrifying truth about the alien colonization - and the ensuing battle will test their strength and their commitment to each other.
Spoilers: Up through Season 7 "All Things", and FTF
Classification: MSR, Post-col

Dinner With Bill - Brekke
Summary: Bill notices something different about his baby sister.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR, Bill angst

Displacement - The VS11 Producers
Summary: When Bill Scully receives a transfer back to Washington DC, the Scully family is reunited. But reunions don't always go as planned.
Spoilers: The universe for this story diverged before the end of Season 7 of the show.
Classification: none provided

Domination of Lies - C. Slatton
Summary: Mulder, disillusioned with his beliefs, hauls Scully in on a case for Violent Crimes. And they stumble into a mystery that hits a little too close for home.
Spoilers: Through Detour
Classification: X, S, H, A

Double Date - Angela W.
Summary: Bill Scully attempts to fix his sister up with Harm Rabb. Things don't go exactly as Bill had hoped.
Spoilers: None for specific episodes
Classification: JAG/X-Files crossover


Empty Place Settings - Salliejohns & Shoshana
Summary: Thanksgiving at the Scully house.
Spoilers: After The Truth
Classification: VA

Explain it All to Me - Trycee (External link)
Summary: What would have happened if Mulder's discussion about him being the father happened in front of her brother Bill and her mother Maggie.
Spoilers: Season 8, Scully's pregnancy, after Mulder comes back to life, and Season 9, after William's birth.
Classification: Relationship

Exploring Something New - Donna
Summary: Scully ends up helping Mulder without being his partner. Yet.
Spoilers: none
Classification: UST-MSR, AU

The Eyewitness - Shirlock
Summary: An eye-witness to an accident that claims the life of a beloved.
Spoilers: none
Classification: VA, MSR