Dear Charlie - Love Mom
Summary: Bill's in town.
Spoilers: From Milagro on.
Classification: MSR, H
NOTE: The link contains the entire Dear Charlie series in one file: Love Mom, Bill's $.02, Dear Dana: Charlie's Response, & Love Dana: Scully Confesses.


Big Brother
Summary: A conversation between Bill Jr. and Maggie Scully.
Spoilers: Memento Mori, Gethsemane
Classification: none provided


One Step Too Far
Summary: none given
Spoilers: Any eps that involve Bill Scully and Scully's cancer
Classification: Fluff, UST

Rachel Anton

Touched But Never Held
Summary: What happens after the funeral.
Spoilers: Emily
Classification: S,R,MSR

Kayla Ariev

Coming to Terms
Summary: Bill sees something he didn't want to.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

Portland Stories 1 - Beer With Mulder
Summary: Some unexpected announcements cause a bit of tension at the latest Scully family gathering. But Mulder somehow manages to set things right. Part one of a possible series.
Spoilers: none
Classification: S,R

Requiem Mass
Summary: Scully is pregnant, and the baby needs a father. Mulder is missing now, but how long have these two agents been so cozy?
Spoilers: Requiem; some for One Breath, Memento Mori, and Fight the Future; Milagro
Classification: MSR


Severed Yuletide
Summary: For personal reasons, Bill Scully Jr. is more disturbed by Scully's talk of Roberta Sim's possible suicide than he is willing to let on.
Spoilers: Christmas Carol
Classification: VA


The Letting Go
Summary: "She can't help wondering if she will meet this same end, dying in a quicksand of her own making, drowning in her mind that won't allow her to forgive."
Spoilers: Up through Season 7
Classification: S, MSR, A


Summary: Right after they get back from Antarctica, Mulder gets a visit from Bill Scully.
Spoilers: Fight the Future
Classification: UST, V, A

Sara B.

An Educated Change of Opionion
Summary: Bill Scully gets drunk, and then is arrested for murdering and dismembering a prostitute. Who gets him out of trouble and what does he learn along the way?
Spoilers: Biogenesis Trilogy, Millennium, Je Souhaite
Classification: MSR

Setting the Record Straight
Summary: While visiting her family Scully decides to set the record straight with Bill.
Spoilers: No real spoilers but references to various episodes.
Classification: Relationship

Setting the Record Straight 2: Conversation with Bill
Summary: This story is a continuation of 'Setting the Record Straight' only this time it centers on the conversation between Mulder and Bill.
Spoilers: No real spoilers but references to various episodes.
Classification: Relationship

Chesa Baker

Why Don't Cha' Get a Social Life?
Summary: Sometimes the truth can be a bitch when it comes to a big, Naval officer of a brother named Bill Scully Jr.
Spoilers: Tiny one for Syzygy
Classification: SR

Livia Balaban

Dana vs. Bill
Summary: Scully has made some decisions, including the order in which she'll elucidate, and confronts Brother Bill with all of it.
Spoilers: none
Classification: V, A

Marsha Bare-Taylor

Shadows of the Past
Summary: What if Scully couldn't find Mulder? What if Bill decided to step in?
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR, Post-colonization

Amanda Barnes

Beside Me
Summary: A 9AM obstetrican appointment.
Spoilers: Requiem
Classification: SRA, MSR


With Rah
Hurricane Season
Summary: "Old habits die hard."
Spoilers: Everything through Existence
Classification: MSR, angst


A Brother's Heart
Summary: Bill Scully never liked Fox Mulder.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: MSR

Laura Blaurosen

Oh, I Forgot To Tell You, Mulder Called
Summary: Smut, that's all.
Spoilers: None
Classification: Humor, MSR

The Bondi Gargoyle

Words and Music
Summary: None provided.
Spoilers: None provided
Classification: MSR


Being Crazy
Summary: Two stories overlap. As Mulder helps Scully investigate the kidnapping of her brother Bill's son, they find a historical accounting of a conspiracy and a love story from long ago.
Spoilers: Numerous through season 5
Classification: T, A, UST, MSR, H


Dinner With Bill
Summary: Bill notices something different about his baby sister.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR, Bill angst

Samantha Brownlie

A Final Prayer
Summary: Mulder saves Bill Scully's life.
Spoilers: none
Classification: none provided

The Great American Dream
Summary: Scully's thoughts on the life she leads, expressed as an imaginary conversation with brother Bill.
Spoilers: Sixth and Seventh seasons
Classification: MSR

Chase Buckingham

Food, Fighting, and a Fluttering Heart
Summary: In a heated debate with Bill, Scully finds a new part of her soul.
Spoilers: Bad Blood and Patient X
Classification: VR

Lee Burwasser

Lone Fox
Summary: a drunken sailor talks about someone he doesn't like
Spoilers: none
Classification: none

Gaijin Bushido

Billy Boy
Summary: What if Bill Scully Jr. was actually human?
Spoilers: none
Classification: SRA, MSR


Navy Blues: or How Scully Got Her Groove Back
Summary: Scully takes a trip to San Diego to visit family but brother Bill can't pick her up from the airport and sends a handsome young sailor in his place.
Spoilers: Never Again, Christmas Carol/Emily, FTF
Classification: S

Aislinn Carter

For the Good of the Child
Summary: Bill Scully's life changes for the better three years after he last sees his younger sister.
Spoilers: Pretty much the whole series.
Classification: MSR romance, Future, post X/F, William


Summary: Christmas with the Scullys, 2001. Mulder's there, and so are Bill and his family, and Scully's long-lost brother Charles.
Spoilers: episodes through Season Eight
Classification: MSR

Jen Collesel

All I Can Say Is I'm Sorry
Summary: Bill Scully, Jr. makes a mistake.
Spoilers: none
Classification: V


Summary: Bill jr deals with his sister dating the bogey-man.
Spoilers: Christmas Carol/Emily
Classification: SRA


Summary: Bill Scully musing through Emily's funeral.
Spoilers: Oh, gee, could it be . . . Emily?
Classification: SAR (MSR)


Blood Ties 6: Strange Bedfellows
Summary: What happens when the person you despise becomes your only hope for saving someone that you love? Grey McKenzie and Bill Scully are about to find out.
Spoilers: Through Season 6
Classification: XA, AU, MSR
NOTE: The entire Blood Ties series can be found on Dawn's site


After the Future series (External link)
Summary: When the colonization begins, Mulder and Scully do their best to save the future.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

Almost Family
Summary: Who is she going to turn to now?
Spoilers: Post-Requiem
Classification: MSR

Summary: Bill's in town.
Spoilers: none
Classification: Relationship

Summary: When Scully joins her mother to observe Melissa's birthday, she's not ready for Bill to be there too.
Spoilers: none
Classification: Relationship

Christmas Ghosts
Summary: After the episode.
Spoilers: The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas
Classification: MSR

Christmas Miracles
Summary: Bill gets a dose of reality.
Spoilers: none
Classification: Relationship

Complicated Relations
Summary: Bill can be surprisngly understanding when he wants to.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

Exploring Something New
Summary: Scully ends up helping Mulder without being his partner. Yet.
Spoilers: none
Classification: UST-MSR, AU

Familial Connections
Summary: Spending time with her family - on purpose?
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

Summary: When another family member is killed who's to blame this time?
Spoilers: Through Season 5
Classification: MSR

Family Vacation
Summary: Vacation, fine, but with her family?
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR, angst

Feeling Safe
Summary: Scully's thoughts on leaving the church.
Spoilers: Emily
Classification: MSR, angst

Goodbyes/Hellos (External link)
Summary: Scully makes a decision that will impact both of them for years to come.
Spoilers: Post-Existence
Classification: MSR, kid-fic

Summary: An unidentified package has a shocking effect on Mulder. Could it be true?
Spoilers: none
Classification: none provided

His Emily Thoughts
Summary: What was he thinking as he waited for Scully to join him downstairs in Bill's home?
Spoilers: Emily
Classification: MSR

His Voice
Summary: Scully needs him more than ever, can he rise to the occasion?
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

His Wrath
Summary: The missing scenes.
Spoilers: Tithonus
Classification: MSR, angst

Home for Christmas
Summary: Just a little Christmas present.
Spoilers: Emily
Classification: MSR

Kid Stuff series (External link)
Summary: How would they have related to each other then?
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: Pre-XF

With Vickie Moseley
Lives Reclaimed - Christmas Together
Summary: Families can be such a pain, especially during the holidays.
Spoilers: Sequel to Lives Reclaimed, which doesn't have Bill in it. (External link)
Classification: MSR

Summary: They wake in a strange place, then have to find their way together.
Spoilers: Most of the series
Classification: MSR

Summary: Brother Bill brings a friend home.
Spoilers: none
Classification: R,A

Remember Me
Summary: Scully doesn't remember some of her life, including Mulder. Bill thinks it should stay that way.
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

Summary: Mulder and Scully meet when he finds her after she's returned from an abduction. Diana isn't happy about it.
Spoilers: none
Classification: AU, MSR

Sisters Remembered
Summary: A family tragedy brings Scully and Mulder together.
Spoilers: none
Classification: AU, MSR

Unknown Lives
Summary: He doesn't know her, but still can't live without her.
Spoilers: None
Classification: MSR, AU

What a Difference a Year Makes
Summary: What if she hadn't been returned so quickly?
Spoilers: Ascension
Classification: MSR, AU

Without Comfort
Summary: Scully turns to others for comfort instead of Mulder.
Spoilers: None
Classification: MSR


Summary: Scully recieves one of the phone calls that no one ever wants to get...and she and Mulder are thrown into a situation they never expected.
Spoilers: Up to Season 6.
Classification: MSR, A


Country of the Crepescule: Do You Like Our Owl?
Summary: Meet the kinder, gentler Bill Scully.
Spoilers: Ayuh. 'Three Words'
Classification: Relationship

How She is So Far and Bonny
Summary: First impressions and overheard conversations.
Spoilers: microscopic for 'Arcadia'
Classification: R, V, MSR, A

Ravens and Crows
Summary: Bill sticks his oar in - not without just cause.
Spoilers: Sequel to The Witness
Classification: MS/UST

The Witness
Summary: Why do they always have to have the same conversation?
Spoilers: Prequel to Ravens and Crows
Classification: V, A


Summary: Assigned to find a horrifying serial murderer, Agent Scully discovers things about herself and her past that she never suspected.
Spoilers: not given
Classification: Scullyangst and child abuse


Black and Blue Christmas
Summary: It's Christmas 2001 and we've got an engagement ring; a ladder mishap; three aunts named Mary, Maude, and Martha; Bill Scully being Bill Scully; and a partridge in a pear tree.
Spoilers: none
Classification: SRH

Eowyn Evenstar

With Macspooky, Windsinger, Juliettt
Generations Series
Summary: A long, and terrific, story by four excellent authors!
Spoilers: Up to the end of the second season, but does include the occasional minor details from third season spoilers.
Clasification: Mulder/Scully romance. Skinner/Mrs. Scully romance.
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.