Becka F.

Dear Mr. Mulder
Summary: Maybe Bill has changed his mind.
Spoilers: Requiem
Classification: VR

Just Walk Away
Summary: Bill finally walks away.
Spoilers: Any Bill Scully episode.
Classification: VR

Suzanne Feld

Going Solo
Summary: A/U: What if Mulder hadn't gotten to Scully in time?
Spoilers: Existence, small for Momento Mori. This story begins after William's birth
Classification: S, R, character death


Soliloquy: Bill Scully
Summary: Bill Scully has a story to tell Mulder.
Spoilers: Post-Emily
Classification: VA


Unbroken Love
Summary: Bill blames Mulder for Scully's illness and Melissa's death. And Mulder thinks that he may be right.
Spoilers: Memento Mori, Redux
Classification: SR


More Than a River Finale - A Family Affair
Summary: What would it take for Scully to admit some things to herself? How would Mulder take the news?
Spoilers: Slight one for Closure
Classification: S, A, MSR
NOTE: The link leads to the entire story. The named chapter, which contains Bill, is at the end.

R. Franke

Wedding Toast
Summary: Bill Scully Jr. offers a wedding toast.
Spoilers: Requiem
Classification: V, MSR


The Best Laid Plans
Summary: Mulder celebrates the Fourth of July with Bill and Charlie's help.
Spoilers: Existence then AU
Classification: M&S

Bill Scully Meets the X Cops
Summary: Bill Scully discovers his sister on an episode of Cops.
Spoilers: X Cops
Classification: none provided

Viki Goodland

And Bill Promised to Behave
Summary: Mulder goes to the Scully house for Christmas, and there is a little discovery.
Spoilers: none
Classification: none provided

Anna Greenway

Melting Hearts (External link)
Summary: Mulder, Scully, Doggett and Reyes struggle to cope with the aftermath of their ordeal in the mountains. They return to Washington, and with the help of each other and their families, attempt to survive the ensuing trauma.
Spoilers: None for the show - Sequel to Melting Snowflakes - You will need to know that story in order to understand this one. (External link)
Classification: MSR, DRR


Heterosexual Man
Summary: Spender and Bill Scully Jr get it on. Ick.
Spoilers: Up to RatB
Clasification: S, H, Slash

Anne Haynes

Time Like a Heartbeat
Summary: Mulder and Bill come to an understanding, but not before there's a lot of yelling first.
Spoilers: Memento Mori
Classification: MSR

Jean Helms

And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Summary: Mulder and Scully, off the X Files for now, investigate a possible bioweapons facility. What they find there puts their partnership, their investigative skills, their love and even their sanity to a test neither could ever have imagined.
Spoilers: To be safe, let's say up to but not including Two Fathers/One Son.
Classification: SRA, MSR

Henle Girl

Weathering the Storm
Summary: Mulder and boats just don't mix.
Spoilers: None provided
Classification: MSR

Wisdom to Know the Difference
Summary: Mulder helps Scully face the one year anniversary of Emily's death and ends up with his own revelation from a surprising source.
Spoilers: Emily
Classification: MSR, angst

Indigo Muse

Summary: Musings on Scully's motives.
Spoilers: Before Season 6
Classification: MSR-ish, character death

A.I. Irving

The View From Adversity
Summary: Bill Scully clarifies his concerns about Mulder's involvement with his sister.
Spoilers: Redux, Redux II, Pusher
Classification: V, A


Uncle, Uncle
Summary: The ReluctantUncle muses.
Spoilers: Existence and the rest of Season 8, Prequel to Uncle, Uncle: Sac Fly
Classification: VR

Uncle, Uncle: Sac Fly
Summary: I took him out to the ballgame. I took him out with a crowd.
Spoilers: Existence, Sequel to Uncle, Uncle
Classification: VR


Summary: Bill's in town over the holidays.
Spoilers: none
Classification: SR, MSR, NC-17


The Ties That Bind
Summary: What if Bill had been the one to take her home from the hospital at the end of Season 7?
Spoilers: all things, Requiem
Classification: Vignette, post-ep, familyfic


With Macspooky, Eowyn Evenstar, Windsinger
Generations Series
Summary: A long, and terrific, story by four excellent authors!
Spoilers: Up to the end of the second season, but does include the occasional minor details from third season spoilers.
Clasification: Mulder/Scully romance. Skinner/Mrs. Scully romance.
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.


Christmas Revelations
Summary: Scully goes to visit her brother Bill over Christmas and finally gets fed up with his remarks about Mulder.
Spoilers: Mild ones for "Within"
Classification: none provided


Coming Together
Summary: After the good news of Scully's remission, her family strives to have the most wonderful Thanksgiving ever and it may mean many revelations for everyone.....including Mulder.
Spoilers: ReduxII
Classification: SRA

My Brother, My Angel, My Guardian
Summary: Charles Scully dies in the Navy and Mulder comforts the Scully family...even Bill Jr.
Spoilers: none
Classification: SRA


Four Final Words
Summary: Mulder and Scully search for Scully's missing nephew, and maybe for something else as well.
Spoilers: Seventh Season up to Orison
Classification: SRA

Mary Ruth Keller

Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate a potentially deadly microscopic life-form recovered from volcanics in Washington State. But when their seemingly straightforward case comes to the attention of the Consortium and an unexpected group of outsiders, they must use all the resources at their disposal to safeguard it from falling into the wrong hands.
Spoilers: Everything from "Syzygy" on back. Fan-fic spoilers: "Sins of the Fathers", "Xibalba", "Twelfth Night", "Time Out of Joint", "Passages in Memory", and "Roman de la Pendrell" (minorly). Prequel to Zurvan
Classification: X - an X-file investigation with the Conspiracy intertwined

Summary: While Mulder and Scully prepare to defend Mister X against murder charges trumped up by the Consortium, they discover that the shape-shifting aliens have taken an unusual interest in recycling. Mulder's mother and stepfather make discoveries about Samantha that eventually require both Mulder's and Scully's investigative abilities to understand. The Cigarette-Smoking Man prepares to engineer his own return to power, and we discover just why Senator Matheson has been so helpful to the X-team.
Spoilers: "Syzygy" and assorted prior episodes; story follows directly after Archaea
Classification: X (an X-File with the Conspiracy intertwined)

Dana Kelly

Summary: Scully leaves Bill behind after a fight. Later on Bill gets a phonecall from Mulder. Bill's POV.
Spoilers: none
Classification: Relationship

Kirsten Kerkhof

Not a Bastard By Nature
Summary: "I'm not a bastard by nature. I've had to really work at it."
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR


Summary: Mulder is taken hostage by a militant group, and Scully deals with that and with her brother.
Spoilers: Season 5
Classification: X

Michelle Kiefer

Christmas in California
Summary: "Get her to come to San Diego, Mom. Christmas in California is just what Dana needs to cheer her up."
Spoilers: Extremely vague Season 9
Classification: Implied MSR

Her Father's Eyes
Summary: Love can change a man. Bill Scully Jr. is just finding that out.
Spoilers: Redux II, Emily
Classification: V

Gemma Kingsley

Keeping it in the Family
Summary: Believe the Lie, but how deep does the deceit run? What will Mulder and Scully do after Gethsemane and how is Bill Scully involved in all this?
Spoilers: Terma, Tunguska, Memento Mori, Small Potatoes, Zero Sum, Demons, Gethsemane
Classification: S, A, R (MSR)

Mary Kleinsmith

Summary: A misunderstanding over the naming of Baby William sparks conflict in the Scully household.
Spoilers: Everything up to and including Season 8
Classification: A, MSR

Katriena Knights

What's in a Name?
Summary: Mulder faces a Scully family gathering.
Spoilers: Season 8
Classification: SRH

Jacquie LaVa

A Cup of Kindness
Summary: Bill wants to mend fences but Scully's not having any. Will Mulder have to step in to heal the breach? Can he?
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR, AU

With Tess
Deliverance From Evil
Summary: Mulder and Scully discover the horrifying truth about the alien colonization - and the ensuing battle will test their strength and their commitment to each other.
Spoilers: Up through Season 7 "All Things", and FTF
Classification: MSR, Post-col

His Father's Son
Summary: How difficult can it be to answer a child's question? Time to find out.
Spoilers: none
Classification: V, MSR, character death

Wedding Bill Blues
Summary: Wedding bells are about to ring - as Bill Jr. prepares to blow the proverbial gasket.
Spoilers: None
Classification: MSR

Looka Bloom

Background Noise
Summary: Even Bill can't steal Christmas...
Spoilers: Cancer-arc, Duane Barry, etc.
Classification: SA, M/S friendship, implied hanky-panky


With Eowyn Evenstar, Windsinger, Juliettt
Generations Series
Summary: A long, and terrific, story by four excellent authors!
Spoilers: Up to the end of the second season, but does include the occasional minor details from third season spoilers.
Clasification: Mulder/Scully romance. Skinner/Mrs. Scully romance.
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.

Summary: Bill Scully confronts Mulder about "where the hell he has been during Dana's time of need."
Spoilers: Post-Gethsemane
Classification: Relationship


155 Words Or The Shortest (Only?) Krycek/Bill, Jr. fic
Summary: The title says it all.
Spoilers: None.
Classification: H

Jacqueline McKay

Redux II Reworked: Perfect Blue Building
Summary: The scene between Mulder and Bill Scully in ReduxII, the way it should have happened.
Spoilers: Redux II
Classification: Mulder angst


Sins of the Father
Summary: Just your run-of-the-mill Thanksgiving at the Scully house, Bill's POV.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: V

Jo Ann Medrano

Fox and Dana 05: Big Brother Bill
Summary: Dana and her mother must deal with Bill Jr.'s hatred for Fox Mulder...
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: none provided

Lauren Metal

Musings of a Jealous Bastard
Summary: (None given but I think the title says it all.)
Spoilers: A bunch of 'um...
Classification: I have no clue what this falls into!


Unnatural Disaster
Summary: It's hard enough when your mistakes come back to haunt you. Harder still when you're a federal agent. Hardest yet when your partner's help is the first thing you need, but the last thing you want.
Spoilers: The first five seasons.
Classification: None provided

Danielle Miller

With Kelly Mullins
A Schmidty X-mas
Summary: Another antagonizing Christmas for Scully as she goes to visit her family at Bill's house, and she's being forced to go to a party where Bill tries to set her up with an annoying man he calls Danny. But can you guess who shows up and saves the day? (No, not Queequeg)
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: SRH


Chip Off the Old Block IV: Duplicity
Summary: Mulder and Scully are finally coming to terms with the truth about William and Charlie. Now they just have to keep Bill Jr. from finding out.
Spoilers: My own universe takes over before Mulder's drummed out of the Bureau.
Classification: XSA
NOTE: The entire Chip Off the Old Block series can be found on mimic's site


Summary: Mulder and Scully make a stop to see Bill, Tara and Matthew.
Spoilers: Post-The Truth
Classification: VHR


Absentee Father
Summary: Bill Scully speaks his mind.
Spoilers: Requiem, Redux II, Emily
Classification: V

In the Bleak Midwinter
Summary: Scully finds some unexpected support when she needs it most.
Spoilers: S8 generall
Classification: V, angst

Vickie Moseley

By Her Side series
Summary: Bill Scully gets a call from his mother to go to his sister's side. But not for a reason he approves of.
Spoilers: Tons. Mostly up to the movie, so all of seasons 1 -5.
Clasification: V, MSR (implied) Scully (Bill and Dana) angst, Muldertorture
NOTE: The link contains the entire series on its own page.

With Susan Proto
Life Cycles series
Life Cycles V: Under the Chuppa
Life Cycles IX: Journey
Life Cycles X: Trust
Life Cycles XII: Trading Lives
Summary: A long series about a possible future for Mulder and Scully.
Spoilers: The story branches off after Paper Clip, but there are fourth season spoilers.
Classification: Mulder/Scully Romance; Mrs. Scully/Skinner Romance
NOTE: Named stories include Bill Scully Jr. The link leads to the entire series on its own page.

With Donna
Lives Reclaimed - Christmas Together
Summary: Families can be such a pain, especially during the holidays.
Spoilers: Sequel to Lives Reclaimed, which doesn't have Bill in it. (External link)
Classification: MSR

Ms. AM

Summary: Some secrets may be better left hidden.
Spoilers: Up to The Goldberg Variation
Classification: A, MSR

Kate Mulder

Perspectives series
Perspectives I
Perspectives II
Perspectives III
Summary: Bill Scully, Jr., reflects on recent events concerning Fox Mulder's motives. Tara provides her thoughts as well.
Spoilers: "Emily", the whole Gethsemane trilogy, pretty much
Classification: MT, V

Katilyn Samantha Mulder

Bah Humbug
Summary: Christmas time. Scully invites Mulder over, and the egg nog boils as Bill and Mulder start talking.
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: VH

Kelly Mullins

With Danielle Miller
A Schmidty X-mas
Summary: Another antagonizing Christmas for Scully as she goes to visit her family at Bill's house, and she's being forced to go to a party where Bill tries to set her up with an annoying man he calls Danny. But can you guess who shows up and saves the day? (No, not Queequeg)
Spoilers: none provided
Classification: SRH


With Rivka T
Summary: Painted across the barren and desolate reaches of Texas, the shadows of the Project put additional pressure on Scully and Mulder's already fragile relationship. After a hostage crisis raises more questions about the Project's breeding program, Scully begins her own investigation, leaving Mulder to choose between saving her and saving himself. Finally,
the investigation leads to an inevitable tragedy and Mulder and Scully find that more questions have been asked than answered.
Spoilers: US Season five through "Emily"
Classification: MSR/Mythology/X-File

Iolokus II: Agnates
Summary: What do you do when you find out your entire life has been a lie? The horrific saga begun in Iolokus continues in the barren landscape of Texas. Mulder and Scully delve deeper into the genetic experiments done by the Project on the Mulder family. When the innocent, and not-so-innocent, legacies of the experiment are murdered because of who and what they are, Mulder and Scully are forced to face terrible reflections in a mirror broken into ten distinct pieces.
Spoilers: Fifth Season through Emily
Classification: XA(R) (Mulder/Scully sexual activity)

Iolokus III: Vix te Agnovi
Summary: Without your family, what have you got? As Mulder attempts to deal with the mundane horrors of suburban life, his fragile security is threatened by the return of a less-than-savory relative. It's Father Knows Best meets Seven as the former X-Files partners reunite. (XAR-NC-17, for those of you who must classify.)
Spoilers: None
Classification: XAR-NC-17

Iolokus IV: Res Judicata
Summary: The saga that began in Iolokus ends not with a bang but with a whimper. Mulder and Scully are involved in possibly the largest battle of their lives - Fighting the unknown minions of the Project in family court for custody of their genetically engineered daughter Miranda.
Spoilers: Prequel to Syadiloh
Classification: XAR-NC-17

Summary: We came, we saw, we fried.
Spoilers: Sequel to Iolokus IV: Res Judicata
Classification: MSM w/C