A Letter to Bill - X-Phan
Summary: A brief exploration of what it might take to make Bill's head explode.
Spoilers: none
Classification: H

The Letting Go - Avalon
Summary: "She can't help wondering if she will meet this same end, dying in a quicksand of her own making, drowning in her mind that won't allow her to forgive."
Spoilers: Up through Season 7
Classification: S, MSR, A

Life Cycles series - Vickie Moseley & Susan Proto
Life Cycles V: Under the Chuppa
Life Cycles IX: Journey
Life Cycles X: Trust
Life Cycles XII: Trading Lives
Summary: A long series about a possible future for Mulder and Scully.
Spoilers: The story branches off after Paper Clip, but there are fourth season spoilers.
Classification: Mulder/Scully Romance; Mrs. Scully/Skinner Romance
NOTE: Named stories include Bill Scully Jr. The link leads to the entire series on its own page.

Lives Reclaimed - Christmas Together - Vickie Moseley & Donna
Summary: Families can be such a pain, especially during the holidays.
Spoilers: Sequel to Lives Reclaimed, which doesn't have Bill in it. (External link)
Classification: MSR

Locusts - syn
Summary: An unexpected death begins a terrible journey for Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, one that threatens to tear their faith, their beliefs and their partnership apart.
Spoilers: Season 5 up to Emily
Classification: TA

Lone Fox - Lee Burwasser
Summary: a drunken sailor talks about someone he doesn't like
Spoilers: none
Classification: none

Luminaries - Nothing Burns - Shirley Writnwoeft
Summary: If only Mulder and Scully hadn't been interrupted by a ringing phone, their conversation on Bill's couch might have taken a very different turn.
Spoilers: Emily
Classification: VRA


Maelstrom - Darkstryder
Summary: Bill Scully musing through Emily's funeral.
Spoilers: Oh, gee, could it be . . . Emily?
Classification: SAR, MSR

Matthew - Ms. AM
Summary: Some secrets may be better left hidden.
Spoilers: Up to The Goldberg Variation
Classification: A, MSR

Melting Hearts - Anna Greenway (External link)
Summary: Mulder, Scully, Doggett and Reyes struggle to cope with the aftermath of their ordeal in the mountains. They return to Washington, and with the help of each other and their families, attempt to survive the ensuing trauma.
Spoilers: None for the show - Sequel to Melting Snowflakes - You will need to know that story in order to understand this one. (External link)
Classification: MSR, DRR

Miss the Dance - Diana Williams
Summary: Mulder copes with the death of his wife - with help. Is it her ghost or his imagination?
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR, character death in the past

More Than a River Finale - A Family Affair - Flynn
Summary: What would it take for Scully to admit some things to herself? How would Mulder take the news?
Spoilers: Slight one for Closure
Classification: S, A, MSR
NOTE: The link leads to the entire story. The named chapter, which contains Bill, is at the end.

Musings of a Jealous Bastard - Lauren Metal
Summary: (None given but I think the title says it all.)
Spoilers: A bunch of 'um...
Classification: I have no clue what this falls into!

My Brother, My Angel, My Guardian - K@tie
Summary: Charles Scully dies in the Navy and Mulder comforts the Scully family...even Bill Jr.
Spoilers: none
Classification: SRA


Navy Blues: or How Scully Got Her Groove Back - Carin
Summary: Scully takes a trip to San Diego to visit family but brother Bill can't pick her up from the airport and sends a handsome young sailor in his place.
Spoilers: Never Again, Christmas Carol/Emily, FTF
Classification: S

Nebraska - Donna
Summary: They wake in a strange place, then have to find their way together.
Spoilers: Most of the series
Classification: MSR

New Millennium 4: The Night After the New Millennium - Ten
Summary: When we last left our intrepid and recently married duo at Maggie's, they had been invited to stay the night, despite Bill's displeasure. Can Mulder survive until morning, and will his fate be at the hands of Bill or Dana?
Spoilers: Part of the New Millennium series by Vickie Moseley & Ten (External link to the entire series)
Classification: V,MT,A,H,MSR

News - Corvus
Summary: Bill jr deals with his sister dating the bogey-man.
Spoilers: Christmas Carol/Emily
Classification: SRA

Nightmare - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: Bill Scully, jr., has a nightmare
Spoilers: None
Classification: VA

Not a Bastard By Nature - Kirsten Kerkhof
Summary: "I'm not a bastard by nature. I've had to really work at it."
Spoilers: none
Classification: MSR

Not a Hallmark Kind of Guy - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: Post episode. What happened after the end of "The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas", or whatever the hell the title actually was.
Spoilers: The Ghosts Who Stole Christmas; Redux II; Christmas Carol; Emily
Classification: SRA


Oh, I Forgot To Tell You, Mulder Called - Laura Blaurosen
Summary: Smut, that's all.
Spoilers: None
Classification: Humor, MSR

One Sorry Son of a Bitch - Helen Wills
Summary: Mrs. Scully has her say.
Spoilers: Gethsemane/Redux/Redux II
The inspiration for One Sorry Son of a Bitch by Brandon D. Ray
Classification: V,A

One Sorry Son of a Bitch - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: Let's rewrite the scene where Scully's brother confronts Mulder in the hospital hallway, shall we?
Spoilers: One Breath; Memento Mori; Redux II
Inspired by One Sorry Son of a Bitch by Helen Wills
Classification: VA

One Step Too Far - anonymous
Summary: none given
Spoilers: Any eps that involve Bill Scully and Scully's cancer
Classification: Fluff, UST


Partners - Donna
Summary: Brother Bill brings a friend home.
Spoilers: none
Classification: R,A

Past is Prologue - Brandon D. Ray
Summary: An encounter with two strangers changes Dana Scully's life forever.
Spoilers: Pilot; Synchrony
Classification: CA, MSR implied at the end, but not overt. Crossover is with "The Manchurian Candidate," by Richard Condon, but you don't have to have read the book or seen the movie in order to "get it".

Peace - Mary Kleinsmith
Summary: A misunderstanding over the naming of Baby William sparks conflict in the Scully household.
Spoilers: Everything up to and including Season 8
Classification: A, MSR

Perchance to Sleep - QofMush
Summary: Late Night in the Bill Scully household...a few creatures were stirring.
Spoilers: Post-Emily
Classification: V

Perspectives series - Kate Mulder
Perspectives I
Perspectives II
Perspectives III
Summary: Bill Scully, Jr., reflects on recent events concerning Fox Mulder's motives. Tara provides her thoughts as well.
Spoilers: "Emily", the whole Gethsemane trilogy, pretty much
Classification: MT, V

Portland Stories 1 - Beer With Mulder - Kayla Ariev
Summary: Some unexpected announcements cause a bit of tension at the latest Scully family gathering. But Mulder somehow manages to set things right. Part one of a possible series.
Spoilers: none
Classification: S,R


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