Updated August 14,1999

Barbecue Series 1: Birthday Barbecue--42K--PG-13
Mulder reluctantly attends the birthday bash of someone he cares for very much.
Of course, even a simple birthday party doesn't go quite as planned for our hero.

Barbecue Series 2: Fourth of July--72K--PG-13
Mulder returns to the Scully house for yet another traditional family get together,
with almost tragic results.

Barbecue Series 3: Labor Day Weekend--54K--PG-13
Another barbecue gathering with the Scully Clan. Is it possible for our heroes to
simply enjoy a meal for change? Nahhh.

Barbecue Series 4: A Quiet Thank You--27K--PG
Mulder is talked into spending a quiet Thanksgiving with Scully and Maggie, along with
some others in need of a place to give their thanks.

Barbecue Series 5: Holiday on Ice--65K--PG-13
Mulder is talked into spending Christmas with the Scully Family…the WHOLE Scully Family…
Here we go again, folks!

Barbecue Series 6: Getting to Know You--30K--R
Plans for a long weekend are changed….and Mulder dares to hope for the better….
yeah, right… Oh, and don't even bother to look for the Barbecue pit in this one...
let's just say there's enuf heat in the Jacuzzi to roast the marshmallows

Barbecue Series 7: Can't Stand the Heat--34K--PG-13/R
Mulder is invited to spend Valentine's Day with Scully and Maggie, and the boss at the AD's
favorite restaurant. Mulder's first mistake? Saying yes. Second mistake? Saying even more….

Barbecue Series 8: The Bells Are Ringing--55K--PG-13
Mulder and Scully spend some time at Maggie's home while the Big Brother and his family visit.
It's really not always about Mulder…

Barbecue Series 9: Wearin' of the Green --73K--PG-13
It's a very Scully Celebration on the day of wearing green; too bad Mulder finds himself
wearing a little more than he'd intended.

Barbecue Series 10: Eggies in the Hanty--42K--PG-13
The Scully's learn more about Mulder, but more importantly, Mulder learns more about himself.

Barbecue Series 11: Medium Well--69K--NC-17

Barbecue Series 12: Fireworks--36K--PG-13
Mulder's gone and done it again, and Scully's got to learn to deal with it.

Barbecue Series 13: Little Lovings--95K--PG-13
There's a crisis in San Diego, and our heroes must deal with it on their own.

Barbecue Series 14: Labor of Love--45K--PG-13
Mulder's got big plans for this Labor Day weekend, and then BigBrotherBilly gets wind of it.
Let the angst begin!

Barbecue Series 15: An (Un)Invited Guest--31K--PG-13
Mulder receives an unexpected request from an unexpected person, and of course our
hero has to deal with the aftermath.

Barbecue Series 16: Be Careful What You Wish For--43K--PG-13
Mulder has always felt guilty that others suffered for his quest. Well, be careful what
you wish for.

Barbecue Series 17: Lights At the End of the Tunnel--41K--PG-13
The aftermath of his abduction and a new discovery.

Barbecue Series 18: Welcome Back, Mulder--36K--PG-13
Coming home to face the family, afterwards.

Barbecue Series 19: Son-Up to Son-Down--103K--PG-13
The family sees a side of Mulder that not many are privy to see, nor would want to see.

Barbecue Series 20: ATM--38K--PG-13
Just a quick stop at the ATM.

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